Car Parts That Can Wreak Havoc on Fuel Efficiency

By kiabrunswick | Posted in Kia Cadenza on Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 at 2:02 pm
2017 Cadenza

For most car owners, making sure that their vehicle is running at peak efficiency is a big deal. Buying a new Kia Cadenza in NJ is a big deal and will require a person to invest a lot of money. If a car owner fails to provide the right amount of maintenance to their new vehicle, then they run the risk of it breaking down. In some instances, there will be car repair issues that cause a decline in fuel efficiency. The following are some of the car parts that can reduce fuel efficiency if they have gone bad.

Spark Plugs

In order for a car to start and run properly, the spark plugs will have to worry the right way. Over time, the plugs in a car will begin to deteriorate and will have to be replaced. If there are bad plugs that go bad and are not replaced for a long period of time, they can cause fuel efficiency issues. The bad plugs will also cause a car to run sluggishly. Rather than having to deal with the fallout of having bad spark plugs, a car owner will need to replace this components as soon as issues are discovered.

Oxygen Sensors

Keeping the right air and fuel mixture is a vital part of a smooth running engine. If this mixture is off, it will cause a car to waste a lot of gas.  The oxygen sensors in a car help to strike the right air/fuel balance. When these sensors go bad, they will cause problems with fuel consumption. The best ways to get these sensors replaced is by hiring a professional to do the work.

When the time comes to get these components of a car replaced, you will need to contact Gateway Kia in North Brunswick, NJ for help.

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