Cleaning the tires on your car during summer.

Summer is vacation time, but its also auto maintenance time. But before hitting the open road, you need to undertake simple summer cleaning procedures. These precautions will provide you with a smooth and worry-free journey. You will also save money at the gas station. Your family will travel safely as well.

Without performing some summer auto cleaning, you will be driving with underinflated tires, cracked hoses, dirty filters, and very poor fuel efficiency. These are all precursors to accidents and roadside disasters....continue reading

Photos of two Kia Stinger models in the background.

Kia has been making quality vehicles for years now. They make great vehicles that compromise neither on looks nor on performance and will be by you no matter what. Kia vehicles have been dominating every segment that they are in and are usually class-leading.

But this innovation and passion were first started by the Kia Stinger itself. The high-performance sedan was Kias answer to the world that they could make a straight-up supercar.

What to know about your Kia Stinger

1. You can either get the base engine or a turbocharged...continue reading

Pile of tires

Maintaining tires in good condition improves braking and vehicle handling, both of which are crucial to safety. Regular tire service is the best way to prevent tire issues.

Gateway Kia of North Brunswick, NJ, has factory-trained mechanics to take care of your vehicle tires.

We inspect tire pressure and balance, wheel alignment, and tread wear and tear and advise on appropriate action.

Long-lasting tires are a result of proper maintenance. Here are some ways to take care of your vehicle tires for optimal performance:...continue reading

Driving the 2022 Kia EV6 around the streets of North Brunswick.

Kia is known for making vehicles that punch way above their weight class. Whether it be the pricing or features or even the performance, the fine folks at Kia do not know how to compromise. They make cars that are undeniably good and can impress even the most staunch of enthusiasts.

With Kia eyeing the EV market, it is no wonder that they have launched the 2022 Kia EV6 in the US. They plan on releasing several electric vehicles in the future and dominate the market easily. The plan has been set into motion with...continue reading

Hands exchanging graphic of car for graphic of dollar bill.

Whether you are a first-time car buyer or not, the whole experience can be stressful till you sign the papers and get your car keys. With the right strategies, even beginners can buy used cars or new ones like a pro. The fact is, there is no best time to buy a car, nor is it scary. Doing some homework and being prepared to negotiate will help everyone get the car they want.

Tips to make car buying easy
  1. Set a budget: The first thing to do is to figure out how much money you have in the budget. Stay flexible and open...continue reading