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Are You Ready For Creature Fest?

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016



What would the Halloween season be without a bit of fright? Most people love going to haunted houses and hayrides due to the thrill that it gives them. The Creature Fest, taking place on October 21st, is a great way to celebrate Halloween.  The Creature Fest is taking place on 1112 Dukes Parkway in West Hillsborough, NJ. You will need to get there by 5 p.m. to take part in the festivities. Load up your Kia vehicle and bring the family out to this great event. Find out more about a Kia Rio New Brunswick by clicking here. Read below to find out more about this great event.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

For most people, the best part about Creature Fest is the unique features they have each year. In order to experience the fright that Creature Fest has to offer, you will walk along a 1.5 mile path. Don’t worry because this path is very well-lit and is easy to navigate. Along the way you will get to see some fantastic flora and fauna.

Get Up Close and Personal With Reptiles

Another benefit that comes along with going to Creature Fest is that you will be able to get up close and personal with some amazing wildlife. The team at Duke Farms takes great pride in providing the whole family with a great time. Your kids will be able to learn about the creepy crawly animals that are indigenous to this area.

Are you worried that your existing car won’t make it to Creature Fest? Instead of living in fear, come trade that old clunker in for a new Kia vehicle. The professionals at Gateway Kia in North Brunswick will have no problem finding you the best possible vehicle for your needs.