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How to Prepare For the Extreme Weather of Winter

Friday, November 11th, 2016


Living in an area that is known for extreme winter temperatures can be a bit stressful at times. In order to lessen the damage of extreme winter weather, you will have to take the time to properly prepare. Once a person has purchased a used Kia Rio for sale in NJ, they will have to take the time to ensure it stays in good working order. Here ae some of the things that you will have to do when trying to get your vehicle prepared for the extreme winter weather that is common in the state of New Jersey.

Ensuring Your Charging System is in Good Working Order

When trying to ensure that your car is in good shape for the winter, you will need to get all of the components of your charging system checked out. Taking the vehicle into a certified mechanic is the best way to get things like the battery and alternator checked out. The extreme temperatures of winter can cause a variety of problems with a car’s battery. If the mechanic tells you that your battery is not holding a charge, then you will have to get it replaced in a hurry.

Inspecting the Car’s Tires

The next thing that you will need to check when attempting to keep your car safe during the winter months are the tires. If the tires on a vehicle are worn down, then it will be very dangerous to drive on them when icy road conditions are present. The tires will lack the grip needed to grab the road and avoid slipping all over the place.

Whether you need a new battery installed or a new set of tires, the team at Gateway Kia in North Brunswick, NJ can help.

Ways You May Be Harming Your Vehicle

Monday, November 7th, 2016


Most people have a lot on their plate. Finding time to do anything other than work is a challenge for most people. In order to keep your vehicle in good shape, you will need to keep it well maintained. If you are in need of a quality Used Kia Rio For Sale In Nj, be sure to click here to find out more information. Here are some of the things that you may be doing right now that are harming your vehicle.

Ignoring the Check Engine Light

Among the biggest mistakes that most car owners make is ignoring their check engine light. When this light comes on, it means there is something seriously wrong with your vehicle that needs to be addressed right away. If you choose to ignore this light, then you may be causing a lot of additional damage to your car. As soon as you see this light illuminated, you will need to take the vehicle into a mechanic. The mechanic will be able to diagnose the problem and fix whatever is wrong with the vehicle in a hurry.

Neglecting the Tires

Another common mistake that a car owner will make is neglecting to inspect and change their tires when needed. Riding around on tires that are worn can create very unsafe driving conditions. You will need to get into the habit of checking your tires on a regular basis. Knowing the condition of the tires will allow you to make decisions regarding whether or not they need to be changed.

By showing your vehicle the right level of care, you will be able to keep it reliable. If you are in need of repairs to your vehicle, be sure to contact the service department at Gateway Kia in North Brunswick, NJ.

The Class and Elegance of the 2016 Kia Rio

Friday, June 3rd, 2016


The Class and Elegance of the 2016 Kia Rio

Finding the right vehicle is no easy task due to the selection on the market. Selecting the right vehicle will require a person to do a good bit of research. Buying a 2016 Kia Rio in North Brunswick Township, NJ , NJ is a great idea due to the class and elegance this vehicle has. The sedan market is filled with numerous options, but the Rio seems to consistently outperform the competition at nearly every turn. Here are some of the features that will have you falling in love with the all new Kia Rio.

Heated Seats are Functional and Fancy

When most people think of luxurious car accessories, heated seats is usually at the top of that list. The all new Kia Rio has heated leather seats that are sure to keep you warm and comfortable regardless of the temperatures outside. The last thing that any driver wants to do is to shake and shiver in the winter months. By turning these seats on full blast, you will be able to take on all that Mother Nature has to dish out during the colder months of the year.

A Great Onboard Navigation System

Traveling is one of most enjoyable things that a person can do. The new Kia Rio comes with a great onboard navigation system that will allow you to get where you need to go without worrying about getting lost. Having a built in navigation system will allow you to easily change your destination with just a few clicks. Working this system is easy and fun, which makes buying one of these vehicles a must for an avid traveler.

If you are ready to get behind the wheel of a new Kia Rio, then contact the team at Gateway Kia in North Brunswick, NJ for help.