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Preparing for the Cold and Snow Filled Days Ahead

Friday, November 18th, 2016


With the snow filled days of winter right around the corner, now is the time that most drivers are starting to prepare for the dangerous road conditions this weather can bring. When you have a Kia Sorrento or a used Kia Forte Koup in NJ, you will have to take the time to ensure the vehicle in question is in good shape. Statistics show that nearly 70% of all winter related injuries will take place in an automobile. Below are some of the things that you need to think about when trying to prepare yourself and your car for severe winter weather.

Essentials for Digging Your Car Out of Snow

There have been many reported cases of New Jersey area drivers skidding off of an icy road and having to spend the night in their car until help arrives. If you find yourself in a situation where you are stranded and unable to move your car due to ice, you will need to have the tools needed to survive. One of the best things that you can have in your vehicle during the winter months is a shovel. Having a shovel will allow you to dig out the snow around your tires and get back on the road in a hurry.

A Good Emergency Kit is Important

Having a roadside emergency kit that is filled with things like a flashlight, phone chargers and waterproof matches can come in handy in a situation where you are stranded on the side of an icy road. You will also need to pack things like a thicker winter coat and a multi-tool to help make this type of experience a bit more manageable.

The professionals at Gateway Kia in North Brunswick, NJ will be able to help you get your vehicle ready for winter.

Ways to Keep Your Car Battery in Good Shape

Friday, November 4th, 2016


Without a properly working charging system, your car will not be able to run efficiently. Over time, the battery that you have in your car will begin to wear out and will have to be replaced. There are a number of things you can do to keep the battery in your Kia Forte Koup For Sale in Nj running a peak condition. If you need a good deal on a Kia Forte Koup, click here to find out what you can do. Read below to find out more about what you can do to keep your battery and charging system in good shape.

Getting the Charging System Checked Routinely

The best way to ensure that the charging system on your vehicle is working properly is by getting it checked by a professional on a regular basis. The professionals have specially designed machines that will be able to check both the battery and alternator. If the alternator is overcharging the battery, then the professionals will be able to help out. Letting the battery get consistently overcharged will usually lead to the cells burning up quickly.

The Right Replacement

Another important factor that you will need to take into account when trying to keep your charging system in good shape is the replacement battery you get. You will have to make sure that the battery replacement purchased has the right amount of cold cranking amps. Neglecting to check this out can lead to a variety of issues down the road. The mechanics you are getting help from will be able to advise you regarding the type of battery to get.

Receiving the help needed to deal with charging system issues is simple when calling on the team at Gateway Kia in North Brunswick, NJ.

Basic Car Care That Most Drivers Miss

Friday, October 28th, 2016


Without the proper amount of care, it will be very hard for car to run at peak condition. A car owner will have to keep their eyes peeled for signs that repairs are needed. Getting a quality vehicle, like the Used Kia Forte Koup in NJ is a great way to avoid serious repair issues. If this type of vehicle interests you, be sure to click here for more information. Below are some of the most common car care mistakes a person will make.

Neglecting to Check the Washer Fluid

Some car owners don’t view the washer fluid in their vehicle as important. Without the right amount of washer fluid, you will find it impossible to remove dirt or other road grime from your windshield. By taking the time to check and fill the windshield washer fluid reservoir in your vehicle, you will be able to avoid having a dirty windshield. If the windshield of your vehicle is too dirty, then chances are you will be unable to see out of it. This can cause a number of hazards and may result in you having a wreck.

Not Changing the Oil When Needed

Without the right amount of oil in the engine of a vehicle, it will be very hard for the moving internal parts to get the lubrication they need. If you neglect to have your oil changed when needed, then you can create a lot of problems. Keeping up with the condition of the oil in your vehicle will help you maintain the condition of your engine and may help you avoid serious mechanical issues along the way.

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The 2016 Kia Forte Koup has it all

Thursday, September 8th, 2016


The new Kia Forte Koup is comfortably positioned to combat any challenges from competition. The extensive list of standard and optional equipment is impressive, just as is the very attractive price and its 10 thousand mile power train warranty. When compared to its closest challengers in the market segment, the Kia Forte Koup in NJ has features that they have yet to bring to the public, things like a heated steering wheel and rear seat and ventilated front seats simply makes driving the Forte an absolute pleasure.

What’s new in the 2016 Kia Forte?

The Forte has always been larger than a small car and smaller than a large car, the Forte fits nicely in the space left between midsize coupes and sedans and compacts. Both the interior and exterior styling are pleasant and the thrifty four cylinder engines in the lineup are powerful enough to provide plenty of “get up and go” without foregoing fuel economy.

With the strong focus on fuel economy without jeopardizing performance the new Kia Forte Koup in NJ has reduced the engine size in the 20156 model from 2.4 L to 2.0 L without dropping horsepower, it is still rated at 173 HP. If you are really into “zip” the Koup is available with 1.6 L turbo which puts out over 200 HP.

Standard and optional equipment:

Before focusing on what the car has and what’s available, think price. The Kia Forte Koup in NJ is priced anywhere between $3700 and $6300 below its competition. With standard equipment the car is great but when loaded with a few factory options it becomes irresistible. Where else can you get a mid size coupe with leather seats, heated steering wheel, sunroof and a fantastic tech package other than from Kia?

Three Benefits That Come With Owning a Kia Forte Koup

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

For most people, having a good running and appealing vehicle is important and something they work hard to achieve. In order to get the right vehicle, you will need to get a handle on what options out there on the market. If you are looking for a stylish and sporty vehicle, then the Kia Forte Koup may be the perfect option. Many people are loyal to the Kia brand because of the quality and appeal their vehicles have. Buying Kia Forte Koup For Sale in NJ will help you get the look and functionality you are looking for in a new vehicle. Here are some of the benefits that come along with buying this type of vehicle.

Great Gas Mileage

One of the biggest concerns that most buyers have when choosing a new vehicle is the gas mileage. By choosing a Kia Forte Koup, you will be able to get the great gas mileage you are looking for without having to sacrifice engine performance. With the Kia Forte Koup, you will be able to go farther and faster than ever before.

A High End Look

When buying a Kia Forte Koup, you will be able to take advantage of a luxurious interior without having to pay luxury prices. The cabin of this vehicle is constructed using high-quality plastics, which will last a long time without showing signs of wear. The seats have thicker and more supportive cushions that will provide you with a comfy ride.

Lots of Room

If you regularly drive around with a lot of passengers, they you will need a vehicle that has a lot of room. The Kia Forte Koup has a very spacious cabin and a large trunk great for hauling around gear. Just because this is a two door car doesn’t mean you will have to give up the room you need.

The team at Gateway Kia in North Brunswick will be able to offer you a great deal on a Kia Forte Koup.